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Mapping agroecological initiatives in the Mekong region: insights into current CDE research.

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    In the past two decades, agricultural intensification and commercialisation have boomed in the Mekong Region, leading to massive environmental impacts and threatening the wellbeing of local communities. A change of paradigm is needed in agricultural production and agroecology could be (part) of the answer. Therefore, the CDE created a spatial inventory of different types of agroecological initiatives in the Mekong region (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam) based on a comprehensive literature research. Results and recommendations from this meta-analysis, particularly the assessment of impacts and the identification of out-scaling opportunities, will inform policy dialogue at national and regional scales. Join us to catch a glimpse of our current research and learn about challenges of agroecology in the Mekong Region. The event will include two presentations followed by a discussion.
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    CDE University of Bern

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Agricultural commercialization in the Mekong Region has resulted in uniform landscapes targeting few ecosystem services, notably crop production. The loss, in such landscapes, of other ecosystem services, such as carbon sequestration, biodiversity conservation, medicinal resources, or recreational value, is a major sustainability challenge since it endangers the balance and vital functions of ecosystems. To prevent irreversible tipping points and widespread environmental degradation, alternative agricultural systems are needed that combine high productivity with a high diversity of ecosystem functions. Agroecology is globally recognized as an approach that endeavors to achieve this goal and that helps to reconcile food security, economic development, and environmental sustainability.

Join this event to learn more about the challenges of agroecology in the Mekong region and gain insight into current research at CDE Bern, which is conducted in partnership with and funded through the Mekong Region Land Governance project and the 'Agroecology and Safe Food Systems Transitions' project. Research results will contribute to a regional knowledge hub of the 'Agro-Ecology Learning Alliance in South East Asia' Network.

The event is open for all, but is particularly aimed at researchers and development practitioners. The meeting takes place on Zoom.


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