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Agroecology and the soil beneath our feet

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    This interactive meeting offers the possibility to discuss and exchange with researchers from the Sustainable Agroecosystems Group, unraveling the complex interactions between plants (e.g., diversity, nutrient uptake, and root growth), soil (e.g, structure, texture and mineralogy), soil biota (e.g. fungi, bacteria, and earthworms), and the carbon and nitrogen cycles in agroecosystems across spatial and temporal scales.
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    SAE Greenhouse, Häldeliweg 19, 8044 Zürich
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    Sustainable Agroecosystem Group, ETH Zurich

Soils are the foundation of our terrestrial ecosystems and soil health is crucial to global food production.

We would like to foster an exchange with various researchers focusing on the many interactions within the soil. Together we will understand: Why is soil health a fundamental principle of agroecology? What are the threats to soil health in Europe? What are the levers of change to improve soil health in Europe and worldwide?

Based on the current research on the topic and specifically at the Sustainable Agroecosystems Group, this gathering aims at exploring together the many layers of interactions within the soil and how to address them in research.

Small snacks and drinks will be offered - You are invited to bring your lunch.

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