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What does an agroecological project or enterprise look like? An online discussion about measuring Agroecology

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    What does an enterprise a project, initiative, or enterprise look like that is aligned with the principles or elements of agroecology? How can this be measured? And: Why does it matter? Even though agroecology is key to transform our food systems, these questions are difficult to answer. We start an attempt and present two tools for measuring agroecology: The FAO TAPE and Biovision’s B-ACT/ACT.
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    Biovision, SWISSAID

The FAO TAPE and Biovision's B-ACT/ACT can be used to evaluate how agroecological initiatives or enterprises are. We present how these tools work and how they complement each other for different applications in administration, NGOs, science, and the business context.

Speakers are:

  • Keynote by Madeleine Kaufmann (FOAG)
  • Presentation of the FAO TAPE and a possible application in the field of biodiversity - Lutz Merbold (Agroscope)
  • Presentation of the B-ACT/ACT and its possible applications - Stefanie Pondini & Samira Amos (Biovision)
  • The application of ACT in the frame of the institutional strategy process - Sarah Mader & Eliane Steiner (SWISSAID)

The presentations are followed by an interactive plenary discussion on challenges, opportunities, and the way forward.

The event is open to all. Registration is desired. You will be sent a personal Zoom link after registration.

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